I-BEAM BLUE WAX PLA – Casting Filament for 3D Printers 2.85mm/1kg Spool


I-Beam BLUE WAX PLA casting filament was developed for investment casting. BLUE WAX PLA is easy to print and burns clean. It is economical and great for most pattern castings. Unlike natural PLA, the blue tint helps to more easily identify problems in your 3D print. You can easily sand and clean up any blemishes, layer lines, or mistakes from your 3D printer. You can cast a perfect part.

I-Beam BLUE WAX PLA was developed to be used on almost any 3D printer to produce accurate and reliable prints. BLUE WAX PLA is not brittle like many other PLA filaments. Even if you do not plan on using the printed parts for investment casting, BLUE WAX produces strong accurate parts in a deep blue wax color.

  • A natural PLA/PHA filament with a blue tint
  • Burns clean for clean casting
  • Easy to print
  • Works on almost any 3D printer
  • Good layer bonding
  • Bio-based using genuine NatureWorks PLA polymer Made in the USA

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